3 Ingredients That Cure Clogged Arteries, Fat In The Blood, Infections And Cold!

Preparation :

  • First of all wash the lemon and cut them in to slices. Peel the garlic cloves and ginger root and keep them aside.
  • Put all ingredients in the blender and blend them well until you see a thick homogeneous content.
  • Place this mixture in a metal bowl and add 2 liters of water in it.
  • Boil this mixture until it reaches to its boiling point, then remove from the heat and allow it to cool down completely.
  • Now, strain the mixture and fill it in glass bottles.

Direction :

Drink one glass bottle of this mixture every day before having meals or an empty stomach.

Before drinking shake the bottle to mix all ingredients to enjoy the benefits provided by it.

It is important to keep in your mind that you must compare the benefits provided by this wonderful combination with ingesting them
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